Quoting University of Phoenix

1. Don’t you want to better your life?

     Of course, everyone wants to better their life. Their life does not improve when no work is available. How can it improve with debt? I thought a better life is living without debt. When you are in debt, you have to have a job to pay for it. Since no jobs are available, you cannot pay for the student loan. Since I was not planning on going to school ever again, I never searched for grants before going to college. Since jobs pay minimum wage and a little bit above and I own a house, I am not going to be able to pay for the loan.

     College does not better your life. It makes you a better person. It makes you a smarter person. Now, that I am educated, I can tell these scumbags no.

2. How come you do not want to better your life?

     This must be the common line for University of Phoenix. This is a red flag that they target low to no income citizens in the United States. This indicates that either they do not listen or they do not give a shit. University of Phoenix is just looking for a quick buck. University of Phoenix started as a business school. Business means sales. Sales mean pushy salespeople trying to make as many sales as they can to keep their job. 

3. Do you want to continue your education?

     No, I do not. I was already manipulated into this situation when I already told you in the beginning college is not a good idea. It was not a good idea because I was in between jobs. It is not a good idea now because I am a home owner who makes $4 less then I used to. I may end up foreclosing because of University of Phoenix. 

     Their response was, “Well life is hard.” No joke! I already have enough challenges in my life. I have reached my life is hard limit. It is maxed out you moron of a college.

4. Don’t you want a Bachelor’s Degree? It will improve your resume.

     Improve my resume? FOR WHAT?!?! Idaho has had a terrible job market before the recession. I already know how to write a resume and fill out applications. The only improvement college made was how to answer the personality tests correct. 

5. Repeat the rhetorical device about the Bachelors degree several more times.

     This is a reminder that University of Phoenix only cares about money. They really do not care about students and future students. They just want to enroll as many people as possible and could care less about the consequences. 

If I was to attend college ever again, it certainly will not be University of Phoenix.


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