You Know It Is Down the Crapper When

     I have been online since 1995 when I moved to Boise. I have had ICQ, Yahoo, and a number of different messengers and accounts on social networks. I can see when something is going to lose popularity.

     For example, Yahoo messenger. I used to communicate with this all the time along with MSN messenger. My name was Nefertiti because I always focus on Egyptian stories. I quit using MSN because I had a hard time using the e-mail. It’s kind of hard and complicated to explain.

     After 9/11, things changed on Yahoo. I had nothing but perverts from Saudi Arabia and India were sending me messages. I had nothing but bots sending me messages. The perverts are easy to block and tell to buzz off. However, the bots were getting worse and worse. I quit using messenger.

     I rarely use it. When I do, I have some perverted moron trying to place a virus on the computer. It doesn’t end at messengers.

     I have had different profiles on The website was fun for a while. I left and came back. When I came back, I have nothing but bots posting replies on my profile and posts. I HATE IT.

     They start off with saying hello and they act really friendly. The red flag was a phone number they gave me to text. The phone number will add a scam onto the cell phone that is difficult to remove. Luckily, I passed Critical Thinking to fall for that trick.

     I deleted that profile and I still have a profile on Myspace and Facebook. I notice that nobody uses Myspace. It is like a ghost town. The only messages I get are music artists and movies that I could care less about. It’s similar to those telemarketers who call trying to sell rock chip repair when you don’t need it.

     I think that Facebook will share the same fate as the rest of the social networks that nobody uses anymore. I’m surprised that people have tolerated Facebook trying their hardest to give away all of your personal information.

     I freaked out when someone knew my address. Every time I turn around I have to remove information or block information. Thankfully, I never placed really personal information that involves my credit card.

     What I have been experiencing lately is the same thing that happened with Yahoo. I have men from the Middle East being disrespectful. I understand there is a cultural difference in the Middle East.

      Women struggle harder for recognition in most places outside of the United States. I think that people must understand manners when speaking to someone in another country. I am respectful and I expect the same treatment in return.

     I feel overwhelmed when someone is asking me how much I weigh and what is my cup size. The only time I want to hear those questions is when I am shopping for clothes or if I am being fitted for a costume in a play or movie. Otherwise, it is disrespectful and none of your damn business. It really is none of your business who I am seeing and no I do not want to have a second boyfriend. I am an adult, you talk to me that way.

      If anyone wants to speak to anyone in America and learn about us, talk to us. Don’t ask sexual questions, have a freaking conversation. This kind of crap continues, a new social network is established and this garbage begins all over again. It’s a neverending cycle.


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