I am not a metal head or anything, but I am up for a concert. This past weekend I went to The New Frontier Club in Meridian, Idaho. Going to the bar is not my cup of tea. It is better than going to the drama ridden bars of Boise. At least in Meridian, I have less of a chance of someone drugging my beer. Not that I’m saying that it doesn’t happen, but I have witnessed it more in Boise.

     So, my friend told me that there was a free concert. I was reluctant to go because it has been about three years since I had been to one. I decided to go because I have not really done much since I graduated UoP. 

     The New Frontier Club is a laid back place. As much as I have been to their nieghbor Busted Shovel, I have never been in this bar. I thought it was a nice place, but I was not thrilled about the sound quality. My ears are still ringing, but the sound was still terrible.

     I enjoyed the show. Krystos has a fun stage presence. How they interact with each other and the audience is really sweet. They are incredibly talented. The group is not bad on the eyes, I think they look devastatingly adorable. I’m sorry, but the guitarists look so cute I just want to gobble them up. If I have more opportunities, I will probably see more of their concerts.

     For now, my ears are still recovering. Until next time, I look forward to another concert. 


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