Because I Woke Up

     There was a time in my life when I was gullible. I was easy to influence. I was dating someone who was probably cheating on me. He was living in my house for free and selling anything he could find that he thought I would miss. He used rhetorical devices to stay in my life.

    When I was working for Qwest (now Centurylink), there was a speaker for University of Phoenix. I went to school with her and always thought she was perfect. Nobody is. When she spoke about the college, I thought that I wish I would have attended school online. I was intrigued and then they had my phone number.

    When University of Phoenix has your phone number, they call and call. The moment they have your e-mail address, they spam your mail box. This happens when I am looking for a scholarship. You cannot shop for a scholarship while shopping for a college because nothing but colleges call you. A scholarship is not guaranteed nor is employment.

     The conversation with University of Phoenix was nothing but a guilt trip. I was reluctant because I had a terrible experience in school. When I was obviously on the fence about going to school, University of Phoenix’s rebuttal is, “Don’t you want to better your life?” and “How come you don’t want to better your life?” Of course, I felt bad because she has been calling me so much.

     I already told them that my financial situation was bad. (Earning a degree is supposed to better your life, right?). I was not informed about how long I would be going. In fact, I thought it was going to be for maybe six months or so. Nobody told me that I would be going for two years until more classes were showing up. This was the time that I was told that only the first year was covered and the second year was not because I made too much money at DirecTv. Fabulous.

    I spent a majority of my first year trying to get out of it. Only a year and a half later I am told that I could have looked at consumer information on the website. Kind of hard to do when they are calling a thousand times telling you that this will better your life.

    To prove that they are a pushy college, I told them many times that I do not want to continue. The first person quit calling about it. The manager of the financial department kept on pushing.

“A job is not guaranteed, but this will add to your resume.” said the manager. I tell him my financial situation, I do not want anymore hardship. Manager, “Life is tough. But if you pursue your Bachelors degree it will delay when you need to pay for the student loan.” I tell him off, “Why would you want to contribute to the college debt when employment is not guaranteed?”

   His response was that if that was my passion, I could pursue that. When I get my degree in June, I am never going back. Because I am educated, I have the ability to avoid rhetorical devices. The college has given me a wake up call because many people have walked all over me. I was manipulated into buying a house in a town I must commute from every day in a crappy economy. I dumped my boyfriend because he was being a sponge. Now that I am awake, I am saying no more.


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