The search for a scholarship is long and aggravating. Had I known what the loan was going to be sooner, I would have begun sooner. How come I didn’t know? There was not a place for me to look until the financial aid was approved. The advisor failed to tell me how much it was going to be. I will cover that in another blog about University of Phoenix.

I think that searching for a scholarship is irritating because you end up with more universities harassing you. This should be embarrassing for universities because they spend all of this time calling your phone over and over again to hear the news that your already enrolled. Well, they can take no for an answer.

I have to explain to them why I do not want to hear from them. Perhaps to get empathy and to persuade them to show more compassion. Universities are harassing Americans in order to cause college debt to increase. Is anyone doing anything about it? No, because nobody knows what to do. University of Phoenix gets upset if University of Phoenix Attack is posted on their website. This is why I created this blog because this is where Axia cannot touch me. If they do, I will have the FCC on their rear.

Finally, some university in Georgia called me. This was the last call from a university, thank God. She sent me a list of various scholarships to look through. This is more than what University of Phoenix has done. If I find something that will pay the loan I was unaware of, I may actually consider.


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